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Vice-Governor Yusop T. Alano Commends Runner-Up in BARMM Quran Recitation Competition

VG Ust. Yusop T. Alano, extends his warmest congratulations to Hafidh Al-Kaidz Pantao Jalil for his remarkable achievement as the 1st Runner Up in the esteemed 4th BARMM Quran Recitation and Memorization Competition, held on April 4-5, 2024 in Cotabato City.
Al-Kaidz Pantao Jalil’s exemplary dedication and unwavering commitment to the Holy Qur’an have brought great honor not only to himself but also to the province of Basilan. Out of 22 participants representing various provinces of BARMM, Jalil showcased unparalleled talent, grace, and mastery in reciting and memorizing the Holy Quran.

His recent triumph as the champion in the Basilan 30 Juz Category during the Tennun Pakaradjaan 2024 Quran Recitation Competition further underscores his exceptional skills and prowess in Quranic studies. His dedication to mastering the entire 30 Juz serves as a shining example for aspiring Hafidh everywhere.

Although narrowly missing the championship title in the 4th BARMM Quran Recitation and Memorization Competition, where he was only 0.01 away, Jalil’s performance left an indelible mark on all who witnessed his brilliance. As the Vice Governor of Basilan, Alano expresses immense pride in hailing from a province graced by such a distinguished individual.

Jalil’s accomplishments serve as an inspiration to the community, emphasizing the power of perseverance, resilience, and faith. The Vice-Governor wishes Jalil continued blessings, success, and divine guidance in his journey as a Hafidh, with the hope that his light will shine ever brighter, illuminating the hearts and souls of those around him.

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