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Vice Mayor Hegem Furigay Rallies Behind Miss Lamitan 2023 for Upcoming Pageant

Vice Mayor Hegem Furigay, city councilors, and the local government unit (LGU) of Lamitan, have extended their heartfelt best wishes to Miss Myca Joana C. Benitez, who holds the title of Miss Lamitan 2023. Benitez is set to represent the city at the much-anticipated Mussah Si Tennun Pakarajaan 2024 Coronation Night.

The message, shared on March 5, 2024, at 9:45 AM, reflects the community’s pride and support for Benitez as she prepares to showcase the beauty and culture of Lamitan on a larger stage. The entire city, including its leaders and citizens, collectively known as Lamiteños, stands behind Miss Benitez, wishing her success in the upcoming pageant.

This act of communal support highlights the significance of local cultural events and the role they play in fostering unity and pride within the community. As Miss Lamitan 2023 steps into the national spotlight, she carries with her not just her own aspirations but also the hopes and support of the entire Lamitan community.

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