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Worth a fortune? Farmer finds suspected meteorite

A rock that had been used as a cooking stand is now the subject of public fascination and awe, as many believed that it came from another space and time.

The Mines and Geoscience Bureau Region XII is now taking a closer look at the rock which was found by a farmer, around 10 years ago.

The farmer said he found the rock, half buried in the earth, while he was preparing to cook their meals in a pineapple farm in South Cotabato.

“Noong napulot ko ito, una, ginawa lang namin itong sangkalan, para makaluto. Naka-libing ito, naka-usli siya, hinukay namin at inuwi ko sa bahay,” the farmer explained during a radio interview.

He believed that the rock was a rare meteorite and could be worth a fortune.

“Nakapagtataka kasi hindi siya umiinit. Tapos kapag sinabuyan mo ng tubig, kahit matagal na nakasalang sa apoy, hindi man lang nabiyak,” he added.

Described as metallic, magnetic, and weighs 11.5 kilograms, MGB has conducted megascopic analysis to determine its features.

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