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Yair Duterte is the cutest dental patient

The son of Baste Duterte is the cutest little patient in this photo!

Sebastian “Baste” Duterte’s son Yair Duterte is the cutest little pedia patient at a local dental clinic in Davao City. On Facebook, Yair was spotted having a photo with his dentist at Tooth Doctors.

” Our pediatric patient Yair Duterte (son of Sebastian “Baste” Duterte) with Dr. Arvin “, the original post read.

Darrela Kate is Yair’s mom. She is a Davaoeña former pageant finalist and FHM model, is the mom of Presidential apo Yair Duterte. She is currently enrolled as a fine arts student at the Philippine Women’s University. She is also rumored to be married to Baste after her cryptic birthday greeting during Baste’s birthday, showing a pair of wedding rings.

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