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Zamboanga archbishop to priests: Don’t put prices on sacraments

Zamboanga Archbishop Julius Tonel has reminded priests not to place price tags on sacraments.

In a report on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) news website, Tonel gave the reminder during a mass held at the Zamboanga Cathedral on Tuesday, March 26.

“This is very dangerous,” Tonel said.

“That’s why we can be factors of so many of our faithful moving away from the Church,” he lamented.

The prelate said even Pope Francis has warned against “substituting our being anointed with Christ with something else.”

“It is not your grace, it is His grace. The grace of God cannot be equated with money,” Tonel pointed out.

“There is no fee to the grace of God, especially to the poor, the suffering, and the sick,” he added.

The CBCP said that it has established guidelines for the gradual removal of the “arancel” which refers to the system of charging fixed rates for sacraments.

It recounted that in 2021 it established the Episcopal Office on Stewardship to assist dioceses in implementing the abolition of the arancel system.

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